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How to Calculate Your Life Path Number

Should something happen that you lose your partner through divorce or death, it is almost certain you will find someone else. The same goes for business partners and collaborators. So please do not think if you suffer a relationship breakdown that you will end up on your own.

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Once you understand this, the sky really is the limit for you! If you were born on the 12 th , 21 st or 30 th of any month please see the additional information contained in your power number which you can find in this section. Entertainment SP www.


Terms and conditions. Just an FYI. Enjoy being 9! Omg how in the world i was born on the 21th like life path number 3 matches me so pefectly and i usually very popualar!

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Summer/Winter Solstice – 21 December 2012

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Not sure what to do now? Use the calculator at the top of the page to calculate your Life Path Number! Numerology Home.

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on December 21st

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Life Path Number. Life Cycles. Personal Years. Changing Your Name?

Every path has primary and secondary influences

Personal Numerology Report Compatibility Report. You uplift social gatherings and often serve as the life of the party. You are an excellent salesperson. Your love runs deep and you can be passionate. More often than not, however, you are on the receiving end of affection, simply because people are charmed by you or attracted to your charismatic personality.

Your challenge is to ground and focus your energies deeply in a specific field or endeavor. You must develop yourself and your talents in order to make the most of your life.