Personality traits of virgo horoscope

This astrology sign has a knack for picking up new skills in part because they really know how to listen. They also know how to explain their questions succinctly making it a little easier to feed this ever-hungry mind. Remember that your Virgo child is an Earth element.

The questions they pose are well-grounded in the reality around them. He or she will fall rapt into a project of taking something apart and putting it back together.

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When finished, the Virgo child picks up the mess and tidies up everything. You will not have to wag a finger at this child for having a messy room. This sense of organization and industry may sound like a dream come through for a weary parent, but remind your Virgo to play once in a while.

Virgo Sign Traits Overview

They need a little whimsy in their life or they turn into mini workaholics. The Virgo soul truly thinks that they must be flawless in order to deserve love. This can be a tough characteristic to contend with as a parent. How do ever get them to truly know, deep down inside that they are worthy? They are too intent on being perfect! Instilling humor and playfulness in your Virgo is among the greatest gifts you could give him or her. Outdoor activities support the Virgo spirit with a healthy outlet for all that seriousness. Consider taking them swimming or on picnics away from the demands of daily life.

This is also the perfect time to bond with your Virgo baby, showing them plentiful physical attention that in turn builds self confidence. A Virgo girl is among one of the most dependable children you will ever meet. This sun sign likes consistency, stability and trustworthiness and gives of those characteristics to those around her freely. Your girl freely shows you love and requires that in return, and never once does it feel forced. But she is also an ardent stickler. When something is out of order it makes them antsy — Virgos are all about having frameworks without which they get distracted.

One thing to keep in mind with a Virgo girl is that she never comes by a conclusion quickly. Pose various scenarios then prepare to wait.

Virgo traits

Your little Virgo will examine every facet of the choice put before them, using her systematic mind, which also means she often makes a terrific decision. Balancing that, once set on a path she becomes very determined and may seem introverted. This is the way your daughter processes new information and ideas. She has a sense of tradition and convention that comes across as old fashioned. This reflects the influence of the Earth element that gives the Virgo such strong sensibilities.

Male Virgo children are gentle giants.

The order they bring to situations in which disarray exists is nothing short of amazing for parents who would otherwise dread the piles in the closet. When a discussion comes up your son will very directly recount everything leading up to that moment. Effectively this child is like the elephant — they will never forget important details, which also makes them excellent artists and leaders among their peers.

With parents this aptitude can sometimes prove embarrassing or frustrating when your little Virgo outwits you with shear memory power. In terms of family dynamics your Virgo son is the ever-logical diplomat. He does not like disputes. Rather he prefers jumping into the fray offering a solution. As with the other Virgo thought processes, this answer considers everyone in the equation.

When it comes to personal conflicts, however, your Virgo son reacts quite differently. He has an unusual amount of maturity for his age. Number Vibration Numerology: 5. Virgo Element: Earth. Virgo Color: Navy Blue. Chakra: Root or Base Muladhara. Chinese Zodiac Twin: Rooster. Funny Chinese Zodiac Twin: Rooster.

I am a Cancer. Do cancer parents usually mesh well with Virgo children? Virgos have a tough time no matter what sign they are interacting with. Since your zodiac sign is Cancer, you are perfectly suited to help your Virgo child learn to be more gentle with himself. You, Cancer, can speak to him about how to overcome fears of failure and help him build up his self confidence. So, yes! This can be a wonderful meshing!

I am a libra. I have not had good relationships with virgos. My child is a Virgo.. I am afraid.

21 Secrets Of The Virgo Personality…

Do libras and virgos get along? So, you and your Virgo child can find common ground in staying on track and taking care of the details. This is a terrific combo because it will allow you two Goddesses to work together on projects in harmony. I feel like Libra is a sign that can connect to any other sign, Virgo included. Virgos and Libras are very different people but should have no problem complementing each other, especially in the parental role.

The Sign of Earth – Virgo

You are absolutely correct! Thank you for taking the time to comment on and thank you for visiting BuildingBeautifulSouls. Since he started to move around, crawling, walking etc.

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He hates it. I have older sons who are quite different. They love to cuddle. Have you got any words of wisdom for me? Apologies for delayed reply. The first of the year is always crazy booked with psychic readings. Oh, Libra mommy. Libra is emotional and wears it on their sleeves — and pants and hats and socks and…well, you get the picture!

Virgo is wound too tightly for that. It embarrasses them because Virgos are prim and proper. They see emotional tidal waves as a problem to be fixed. I am a Virgo and my son is as well. I am afraid of what our relationship will become when he gets older. My son is so sweet and loving, but he is very needy and as an adult I am not. My mother said he is me in male form as a child I am just wondering if we will clash or synchronize. My husband jokes and says we are going to take over the world. If you look only at how a Virgo mom and Virgo child might interact the positive point is that you two can accomplish great things because you operate like a well oiled machine.

The negativity will come in that both of you nit pick till people lose their wits! Easier said than done but forewarned is forearmed! I have 4month old baby Virgo, and this sounds very helpful, thank you!! What about his relationship with Aquarius-sister and me, mother- Scorpio? Any advice?? Thank you so much.. Any advise for an Aries mother to a Virgo son, 2 years old? I feel for you. They desperately want attention, reassurance, and to be baby-coddled even as adults.

The best you can do is simply keep showing your Virgo boy how much you love him. This life is his journey and only his soul will be able to decide how much to let you in and when. I do love what is said about the Virgo child being so loving though. My humble apology for the delayed reply. As a Taurus mom, yes — you two are likely to clash. This includes my husband and I and three older brothers. Any words of advice? Thank you in advance. Apology for delayed reply. Wellllll, bringing a Virgo into any household is challenging enough but with Virgo baby flanked on all sides by fire you definitely have your work cut out for you.

Being quite discerning, they will be quick to point out your truest strengths and your weaknesses - their constructive criticism is often made out of the best and purest intentions, to help those that they care about. They also tend to give great advice because of those some talents for analysis. Their quest of self-improvement extends to their bodies, their clothing, and their appearance.

This combined with their discerning eye, means that they can be incredibly concerned about what kind of impression they give to others. They are usually happiest when they are helping others and have a generous nature, which can sometimes make them targets of those who wish to take advantage of them. They can become hyper critical, and their perfectionistic nature can make them excessively negative towards everything, including themselves. The image of themselves that they seek to reach can be impossible, and when they inevitably fail to reach it, they can be incredibly hard on themselves.

They are often filled with anxiety, and if they are not able to release it in the busywork of self-improvement, they may be vulnerable to nervous breakdowns. If directed outwards, they can be rather hurtful. Other times, they can be shortsighted of their own faults, and unable to take the same kind of criticism that they dish out.

Their sincere desire to help people with their criticisms can sometimes be unwanted; making others annoyed and frustrated. Furthermore they can be rather aloof when giving these criticisms, making it seem as though they give them without empathy and a sincere desire to help. Unfortunately, their attention to detail is so strong, that they tend to focus on them without being able to look beyond that and see the bigger picture and find the larger purpose.

Get the Claves Astrologicae, a card astrology oracle deck. Use the zodiac, the planets, the houses and the phases of the moon to guide you. That means that when they do finally fall in love, they are loyal and devoted. They will not settle for anything less than true love. Their pickiness also extends to dates, and after they are in a committed relationship. They can nitpick about where they go on dates, about how clean the apartment is, the decor, what to eat, and so much more.

They can take quite a long time to fall in love - and are sometimes rather reserved and withdrawn when it comes to expressing their feelings. Instead of using flowery words or body language, the way they choose to show their love is by showering their loved ones with their loyalty. Once in a relationship they tend to be the ones who do not walk away unless there is a serious betrayal.

They love deeply and are willing to commit and work hard for the right person. Virgos have a great propensity to forgive as well, meaning that mistakes made in relationships, do not always mean the end of the line for them. Those born under the Virgo zodiac sign make for great parents and often tend to parent other children around their family as well. Relationships are easy to keep with Virgos - who love to show and share their love, but are not needy themselves.

They love to spend time with family that they hold dear, and they make for great friends to keep around. They are always willing to help their loved ones in times of need, and will be there for you in times of thick and thin. Their family means a lot to them and they will do anything that they need to do to keep relationships strong and healthy in that department. They do tend to get caught up in family drama however, as they are nosy and sometimes intrusive, but all in the interest of the person that they hold dear.

In their careers they tend to be great workers, however their sense of dedication and care can be taken advantage of when they are not careful.

Virgo Personality: Discover Virgo's Positive And Negative Traits

They will willingly accept tasks and not argue very much, which means that their own personal work suffers when they are doing someone else's. However, they are great workers, and they will be attentive to detail and love to create something that is their very own. Those born under the Virgo zodiac sign fit in well with teams and also work well on their own initiative.

When they are around a supportive team, they can be great at helping their colleagues better themselves and deal with difficult tasks. Labyrinthos Academy is an online tarot school that aims to bring the ancient ritual of tarot for a modern practice. Sign up now to begin your initiation ritual. You'll get an email guiding you in your first steps as a witch, wizard or mage. Please confirm your acceptance letter in your inbox to start orientation. Close menu. About Expand submenu Collapse submenu.